Instructor 18 150 150 Sindet

Instructor 18

Revealing World Religions provided the students in my Hinduism-Buddhism class with the right combination of history, theology, culture & arts to provide them a basis for reading the primary sources that were the focus of the course. The students enthusiastically endorsed Revealing World Religions as an alternative to a textbook. I appreciated being able to confirm when, where, and how long students were using the courseware. I look forward to using it again…

Katharine R. Meacham, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy & Religion, Mars Hill College


Instructor 17 150 150 Sindet

Instructor 17

I’ve used Revealing World Religions twice, and the more I reflect on how it streamlined some of the more onerous tasks of teaching (e.g., the pressure to “cover” basic information and tediously to document that students gained some mastery of it), the more I’m convinced I won’t teach World Religions (or Western Religious Traditions) without it.

Jon Pahl
Temple University & The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia


Instructor 16 150 150 Sindet

Instructor 16

Revealing World Religions has strengthened student learning in my liberal arts core course on the world religions.

First-year students often take a haphazard approach to textbook assignments, which results in their uneven grasp of course content. Revealing World Religions promotes good study habits and the mastery of key concepts: at regular intervals during each course unit, students are required to upload to the Interactive Grade Book the results of a courseware quiz on a unit section.

In their course evaluations, students express strong approval for Revealing World Religions. They report that the courseware format actually makes learning fun, and they value the opportunity to reinforce their learning with the mini-quizzes. Revealing World Religions has enabled me to successfully “flip” the classroom: outside the classroom, the courseware helps students build a solid foundation in the world religions; inside the classroom, students and I work on building their analytical skills through discussing primary source readings and analyzing visual media.

The Interactive Grade Book is almost like having a TA! That’s a real nice bonus for using Thinking Strings courseware.

Martha Reineke
University of Northern Iowa & Professor of Religion,
Recipient, 2012 American Academy of Religion Award for Teaching Excellence


Instructor 15 150 150 Sindet

Instructor 15

Cynthia Eller has performed a valuable service in producing Revealing World Religions. In this digital multi-media era, students and faculty alike need material like this. I am impressed by the high academic quality of the project, the scope of information included, and the ease with which the material can be navigated.

Robert Wuthnow
Princeton University


Instructor 14 150 150 Sindet

Instructor 14

The exercises are creative and relevant, and are the next best thing to hands-on archaeological experience.

They really contribute to learning in a way a traditional textbook can’t.

Susan Johnston
Department of Anthropology
George Washington University


Instructor 13 150 150 Sindet

Instructor 13

The Revealing Archaeology courseware from Thinking Strings has provided a terrific, experiential learning environment for my archaeology students.

Students can explore areas of archaeology at their own pace and are exposed to more topics than I can cover in class. Several students have commented that they really like having a courseware instead of a textbook because it is much more interactive.

In addition, the Thinking Strings support team is wonderful. They are quick to respond to questions from myself and my students. Because of this, I don’t have to worry about technical issues and can concentrate on my pedagogy.

Renee B. Walker
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
SUNY College at Oneonta


Instructor 12 150 150 Sindet

Instructor 12

I really like Revealing Archaeology. I was just telling myself I will never go back to a standard text. I wish I had a similar product for my World Prehistory course.

Jack Broughton, Ph.D.
Professor of Anthropology
University of Utah


Instructor 11 150 150 Sindet

Instructor 11

After nearly two decades of teaching Introduction to Archaeology I have found the perfect solution to engage students in the field of archaeology. That solution is Thinking Strings Revealing Archaeology.

I have enjoyed using Thinking Strings course materials in my larger courses. It allows me to see who is keeping up with their assignments and how well they do on them. That of course helps me when exam come because I can monitor “homework” without having to deal with papers and marking grade sheets.

Classroom lectures are reinforced with interactive homework exercises that engage the students in the excitement of archaeology. All this without additional paperwork to physically handle and grade. It will revolutionize the teaching of introductory archaeology.

Russell K. Skowronek, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Santa Clara University


Instructor 10 150 150 Sindet

Instructor 10

The most sophisticated interactive educational software I’ve encountered; it raises the bar high for this mode of study.

Its engaging style makes even the detailed mechanics of dating methods appealing! It is so versatile that, depending upon the nature and size of the class, I’ve used it as a primary “text” as well as a complementary homework vehicle.

Thinking Strings student support is spectacular, and the continuous updating of scholarly references for every topic covered is impressive. The three-dimensionality of the exercises offer effective practice of everything from excavation to faunal analysis.

Anne Pike-Tay
Professor of Anthropology
Vassar College


Instructor 9 150 150 Sindet

Instructor 9

I have used Revealing Archaeology for several years now. I find that students have a better understanding of the nuances of fieldwork and the interpretation of archaeological sites than they did when I used a traditional textbook.

Many former students have told me they have gone back to their courseware over the years to revisit topics and because they enjoyed the learning process so much. The technical support Thinking Strings provides is extraordinary! They always respond quickly, knowledgably and patiently to the students and to me. They have shown great flexibility in resolving issues that arise and responding to all of our needs and questions.

Debra L. Gold
Professor of Anthropology
St. Cloud State University


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