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Revealing® World Religions Podcast

The narrated text of Revealing® World Religions is available in podcast form. Note: The podcast is offered as a courtesy only. No technical support is provided.

The podcast contains compressed (but still large!) audio files in AAC (.m4a) format. Make sure your internet connection is up to the job (a high-speed connection is recommended), and that your portable music player is able to play back files in AAC format.

To find this podcast on the iTunes Music Store, please click the button below. If you do not have iTunes on your computer clicking the button below will take you to a page where you can download it.

Click to open the iTunes page for this podcast.

After iTunes launches, click the "Subscribe" button. The podcast's first chapter (Exploring Religion) will be downloaded into iTunes on your computer. Click "Get" on each line to download additional chapters of the podcast. Make sure to synchronize your iPod after downloading. That will move the podcast to your iPod, and you'll be ready for portable listening.

If you prefer not to download iTunes, please download Quicktime 7 and install it on your computer for optimal performance.